Merge Zombie Defender – Android Cheats&Mod

Warning! Warning! Another wave of zombies is coming. They are about to break through our last defense line. We can’t just wait and die. We must fight to the end. Defenders, now it’s time to take out the Ultimate Weapons to fight for our homeland till the end!

Two years ago, a top-secret genetic research facility suddenly exploded releasing massive amounts of unknown virus. No one could realize that accident was actually the beginning of a global catastrophe. Those virus reanimated people who had died in the explosion, and transformed them into ravenous zombies. From then on, the world was occupied by brutal zombies and only a very small number of humans survived.

You and your partners in the Defense Squad are the only hope of human future. Your mission is to wipe out zombies with your Ultimate Weapons.

● A Zombie-themed tower defense game: defend against the endless waves of zombies.
● Turrets with different skills: spinner turret, laser turret, frost turret and fire turret.
● Challenging tasks each day: complete tasks to collect bills and medals for turrets upgrade.
● Cards with various buffs: increase turrets’ damage, decrease boss’s HP, lower the price of new turrets, and etc.

How to play:
● Unlock different kinds of turrets and place them in the right place.
● Merge two same type turrets of the same level and with the same skill to get the advanced ones.
● Use air support to wipe out zombies quickly.
● Activate auto mode to have turrets merged automatically.

No matter how long the night, the day is sure to come. Defenders, let’s just fight!

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