Hunt Royale – Android Cheats&Mod

The hunt is on! Enter the hunting grounds as one of 4 warriors and survive in combat against awesome and unique fantasy enemies! Features:– 30 characters to unlock and level up!– Unique enemies to fight– Powerful skills to use and master– Unpredictable special events– Amusing voxel-based graphics Unlock and learn… Continue reading

Ski Ramp Jumping – Android Cheats&Mod

Test the limits of flight in this visually stunning ski jumping adventure. Fly over mountain peakscolorful valleyscity rooftopsand tropical islands! Speaking of landing, forget about delicate, dainty smooth landings — this game is all about the wipeouts. Roll, somersault and tumble until you finally collapse, and rack up points the… Continue reading

Extreme Car Sports – Android Cheats&Mod

Prepare yourself for the craziest, most intense car stunts you’ve ever seen! Strap on and start driving as fast as you can. You’ll need that speed if you want to jump over all of the obstacles and land in the safe spot. Are you brave enough? Features:– Multiple exciting and… Continue reading

Turbo Tap Race – Android Cheats&Mod

Start racing in this super-easy to pick up & intuitive racing game! Turbo Tap Race is an antidote to all those over-elaborate super-complex racing games that demand huge dedication and hours of your time. Here you just tap… And race! Turbo Tap Race is an easy-to play racing game with… Continue reading