Infinite Force – Android Cheats&Mod

Infinite Force is a new casual-friendly and sparky RPG mobile game. This game is different from your typical RPG. Players don’t need to put too much effort into choosing the heroes that can make them progress and compete.

There are currently four types of heroes in the game, with mutual restraint, and ever-changing hero skills. A higher level of character means more skills to be displayed.

In order to start the adventure smoothly, players need to improve their character’s abilities as much as possible.

★Game Features★
◆Strengthening and refining: One-key strengthening of equipment, one-key inheritance, no need to worry about wasting experience and time

◆Skills matching: A variety of high-level skills to defeat the dangerous group of monsters blocking your way to glory

◆Cross-server competition: Allow you to match up the strongest hero formation and challenge players from all over the world

◆Multiple features: Enjoy the different experiences that every challenging in-game feature bring you while collecting all the rewards

◆Idle gameplay: you can play while lying down, and your team will automatically power up by fighting monsters even when you fall asleep. No need to be online anymore to increase your power!

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