Hybrid Titan Rex: City Rampage Android Cheats&Mod

The King of Dinosaurs was awoken by radioactive waste dumped into the sea. The radioactive essence fused with the oil and bones of a T-Rex on the seabed, creating the mighty Titan Rex. The Dinosaur King was resurrected in a fiery rage and marches towards the nearest city to destroy the humans. Human forces will throw everything they have at the titan, police, soldiers, trucks, tanks, helicopters, anything the military can do to defeat the titan, even their ultimate weapon, the prototype Mech. But, Titan Rex is relentless, and it will destroy anything in its path.

How much of the city will remain when Titan Rex is finally stopped?

– Good 2D graphics
– Destroy a procedurally generated city!
– Fun rampage and destruction!
– Cool gameplay!
– Exciting sound effects and music

Become Titan Rex and rampage to your heart’s content! Download now!

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