Fishing Hunter – Ocean Shooting Simulator Android Cheats&Mod

Fishing Hunter is most amazing fish hunter game of 2021.hunt down the hungry fishes in deep ocean. enjoy the best adventure action packed sport hunting fish and finding fish to hunt it down.Enjoy this hunting fish sea game in this fishing season. you are in amazing deep blue sea where you can explore the sea environment.. you will experience the joy of underwater hunting and will quench the thirst of spear fishing hunting games.

Get ready to dive in the beautiful sea and get ready to aim and target the fishes with amazing smooth controls. you will explore the best action camera with arrow after hitting the fish on target like pro fisher.In Fishing Hunter you control the bow and aim the target and try shooting accurately. you will move in underwater to find the sea animals. you will have limited time and arrows to complete the levels of this sport fishing game and start shooting fish in realistic underwater sea.

Super realistic 3D underwater hunting specifically for smartphones and tablets! Endless underwater world: lakes, seas and oceans are now at your disposal! More than 30 species of fish and animals, algae, corals, ships, treasures and much more! Fascinating storyline, deadly fish, Fishing Hunter – all this awaits you in this amazing game “Underwater hunting”!

Water depth is a hostile environment. Oxygen can end at any time. Poisonous fish can kill if it touches you, not to mention the sharks!

Fishing Hunter is an amazing fishing game with simple user interface. It is simple yet interesting game in which user is provided with a bow and arrow, you need to hunt the fish to earn the score, you get different challenges, also you get addition character like shark !

Pull back or Hook the arrow from the bow, make a proper direction of shooting target, the far you pull the powerful the fish shoot.

Want to become a fish hunter? Wanna have fun shooting different kinds of fishes? Want to have fish live hunting experience? Then fish hunting is the hunting game you must be looking for.

Experience, the amazing game play, with some stunning underwater graphics, in this fish game. Have, a great time as a fish hunter, shooting different breeds of small as well as big fishes, in this fishing game.

Fishing Hunter Features:
– Simple, Challenging and beautiful game
– colorful fish with realistic animations
– good graphics and easy to play
– Realistic sound in background
– enjoy the real fish hunting experience
– Enjoy quick rewards by just shooting arrows at your target reward

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