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Free learning games for kids!
Educational activities for babies, toddlers and kids in the games with animals. Recognise animals by voices and photos, feed the animals and play puzzle games!
– Toddler games for kindergarten kids have 4 animal flashcard categories (wild animals, pets, marine and birds).
– Learning games for toddlers 3 year old will allow your child to meet the basic farm animals (horse, donkey, cow, pig etc.), pets (cat, dog, hamster, parakeet etc.), and wild animals (lion, tiger, crocodile, shark etc.) and birds.
– Preschool games for little kids stimulate the child’s senses through images, sounds and touch.
– Professional pronunciation of words for child’s correct learning different from other learning games for kindergarten free.
– Nice animations and real sounds of animals with toddler learning games!

Little boys and girls like to take care of animals!

Preschool children will learn the wild and farm animals, vegetables, fruits and all other foods. By playing this game kids will develop fine motor skills, tactile and the way they think.

• feed the animal with a proper food
• more than 40 animals
• cutest animal: like dog, cat, donkey, elephant, fox, horse and lion
• it develops motor and thinking skills
• tested with kid and toddler
• all games and name of the animals are voiced

Free toddler games in the app, provide great learning and entertainment experience for preschool children, both baby boys and girls.

Learning experience is planned and tested by toddler development experts, to be best suited for kids under 5 years and to be simple, fun and educational at the same time!

Additionally all the settings and outbound links are protected and inaccessible for babies.

Please support us by writing reviews if you like the app and let us know about any issue or suggestions too.
This baby games app is free!
Enjoy your time with your kids!

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